H4 + H-1B spouses prepare to flee

Trump ending H4 work visas for H-1Bs was genius because without the 2nd paycheck, they are all going to lose their houses (that they should have never bought to begin with).

Why would temporary guest workers on H-1B or any other work visas buy houses? They are temporary guests and know they may have to leave at any moment.

Just more proof that India thinks US visas are mass immigration visas, when they’re not.

Too bad for them. Now they’re on the run + preparing to flee the US to loot some other productive country such as Canada. Or go back to their failed state, India.

Party’s over thieves. Justice will be served in America for your crimes on American tech workers.


“The American Dream is fast turning into a nightmare for nearly 80,000+ families from India”…….

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