IT Manager Sentenced to Prison for H-1B Fraud

This is the problem: “global staffing companies” run by India Inc Mafia who falsify H-1B applications to flood the US with more fraud workers, often on resumes stolen from real skilled Americans.

The global conshops steal Americans’ resumes, paste Indians’ names on them, file for an H-1B, falsely stating no skilled Americans can be found, and the looters walk right in.

Indian Mafia has commandeered the US visa system and is fraudulently using it as a mass immigration program for 450 million unemployed Indians who want into the US.

India is the world’s foremost criminal nation

And there are 1000s of these India Inc loot shops operating in the US as we speak.

They should all be closed down under RICO and organized crime laws.

“The head of two IT staffing companies was sentenced to a year in jail after he was found guilty of falsifying visa applications to secure H-1B guest worker visas for foreign nationals. According to the Justice Department, Anjaneyulu Katam “falsified visa applications, work experience documents, and work contracts, which he then submitted to the U.S. Department of Labor, Department of Homeland Security, and Department of State, in order to secure illegal H-1B visas for Indian nationals.”

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