Temporary fat H4 software test wives pump the propaganda @ Harvard

Only in America can the temporary guest H4 visa holder software test wife of a temporary H-1B programmer from India speak at Harvard and tell us what to do.

The brazenness of this scam is unreal.

Molika Gupta, an illegal unregistered foreign agent is now giving a talk with a Harvard a professor on how the US needs more invaders from the criminal nation of India. No doubt she is a NASSCOM or India Inc plant.

There is nothing temporary about these invaders – they are here to take over our country.

The professor is probably an America-hating communist who wants open borders. Most likely paid by NASSCOM just as Michio Kaku made the outrageous statement that “American universities were built by immigrants“.

The whole thing is a pack of lies.

Foreign temporary guest workers have no say in our gov’t. A guest doesn’t tell you what to do in your own house or form groups to kick you out and take it over.

But that is what this Y2K visa overstayer is doing.

This is all India Inc propaganda.


“William R. Kerr is the D’Arbeloff Professor of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School & co-director of Harvard’s Managing the Future of Work initiative. His latest book is “The Gift of Global Talent: How Migration Shapes Business, Economy and Society.”

Molika Gupta holds two masters degrees & is a patent licensing professional based in the Detroit area. She has an H-4 visa & advocates for other H-4 visa holders. Molika founded the Facebook group Immigrant Spouses ReWrite Your Story & the advocacy group Save H4EAD”.

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