How visa manipulators roll

No matter how much the US reforms our visa programs, foreign manipulators running “global staffing agencies” will find a way to get around any reforms and just keep on going. As this muslim recruiter shows, their latest tactic is just to not be an “H-1B Dependent Company” and keep right on moving…… et all should be shut down for RICO organized crime.

The US gov’t is highly unaware of what these people are even doing here.


“For MRCC 2018 was a very eventful year. With the new immigration laws which came in place along with the Trump Administration it was initially quite challenging for us to understand in which direction we need to go. Having been in this industry for over 20 years sailing through many recessions and amendments into the visa policies, we felt this administration was more challenging than ever. 

Foreseeing the challenges ahead of us our CEO had decided to focus more towards improving and expanding our business with the direct clients. The newly established sales team in the field of Staffing, Projects and E Learning who had successfully expanded our existing client and built a strong new client base thereby the company grew by over 40% this year. ELearning business helped us in building and expanding our Off-Shore business as-well. We have been awarded one of the fastest growing Small Business Enterprise IT Firm in Massachusetts for the year 2018.  You must be aware that MRCC (Off-Shore) was awarded in 2016 – Company of the Year for delivering most Creative Learning Solutions and in  2015 – Emerging Company of the Year for Outstanding Achievement in Learning Solution Delivery.

With the tireless working of our recruiting team headed by our Director Talent Acquisition, MRCC is now no more a H1 Dependent Company. (this is something the government is looking for). This has greatly helped in improving our position with the USCIS on the Existing H1 Visa holders. This year we are proud to say that we had 100% success in all visa extensions approvals and transfers as-well.  Many of our employees holding H1 visas happily visited their respective home country and are back at work after having their visa extensions stamping completed without any difficulties. To accomplish this goal lots of work has been done by our team with the attorneys and we now are confident to bring in few more H1 resources and still position ourselves not being H1 Dependent.  Once again from all of us at the corporate office of MRCC Wish You a Very Happy New Year 2019.


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