Fact: Federal law requires Americans get hired first

Gotta love the way these crybaby H4 software test wives try to enforce their “opinion” on America, even when it violates Federal law.

Boo hoo hoo, go their sob stories about how rough they have it.

Must be nice to walk into someone else’s country and get a free job they worked to create. American workers sure don’t get that luxury in anyone else’s country.

Too bad the opinions of foreign temporary guest workers are irrelvant in any political discsussion in the US since Federal law is a requirement, and not optional.

Just whose gov’t is this: Americans’ or foreign temporary guest workers who were supposed to go home when Y2K ended in 2002?

Stop whinning + go home and fix your own countries. After all, it should be easy since all of you are smarter than we are, right?


This is really all about getting rid of white American males. And fat Indian H4 software test wives are here to make sure it happens.

Opinion: Women deserve equality in H-1B lottery


“The pain, the fear, the stress, the anxiety of losing the passion of my life is cruel & inhumane”.

Oh really? How about the American STEM workers who have gone homeless and died or killed themselves because millions of you invaders did not create jobs + did not keep the US economy going as promised?

What about them? Aren’t their deaths “cruel and inhumane” also just because you wanted to entertain your fancy?

Losing your passion? How about losing your life itself?

Americans are dying because of what you are doing.

Stop your sob stories – you are destroying Americans’ lives.

* * *

John Phillips, former Macintosh designer at Apple went homeless + died on the streets because he was driven out of STEM work by H-1Bs + H4s.

* * *

Geoffrey Corbis killed himself in his parked car on a New York street. Why did nobody notice?


Meanwhile they sure are partying it up as our own people die……….

Why aren’t you at work you fat lazy slobs?

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