Indian Mafia wants to silence Americans

This temporary guest worker from the criminal nation of India nows wants to stop Americans from talking about H-1B.

Apparently he’s never heard of the 1st Amendment.

Too bad one of the sites mentioned – is alive and well, despite the Indian Mafia hiring a lawyer to try to shut it down years ago.

The Indian Mafia does not want Americans learning that they are being silently invaded and taken over by the Indian Mafia H-1B visas and “global staffing agencies”.

As for a global economy and racism, well – India’s borders are still closed to American workers and India Incs only hires other Indians.

What goes around comes around, India. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out………

Because it’s our visa program and you are our guests.

Racist? That would be India Incs, not Americans. You did agree to go home when Y2K ended in 2002. This is our country and you are our temporary guests, remember? Are you a non-immigrant, or aren’t you?

Wow, just look at the Indian Mafia racism:

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