Changes in H-4 visa rules unwise + unfortunate, says Nasscom

PR loot shop NASSCOM, of India, loves to tell the US what to do and what is good for us. They said the same thing in 1998 when they hired US PR firm Hill + Knowlton to scream “worker shortages” in order to open the US to India Inc global staffing agencies.

Of course there never was any shortage of workers in the US, and letting millions of these looters in to steal our companies and jobs was never a wise thing for the US to do.

Trump’s H4 restrictions may be unfortunate for India, but not for the US, which has a real unemployment rate of 21% since the Indian Mafia invasion took over 20 years ago.

We don’t need your advice on how to run our country, NASSCOM, or on when to kick all you temporary guests out as agreed in 1998 + 2001.

Fix your own country before you tell others how to run theirs.

“The IT industry body has termed administration’s decision to revoke work permits of holders as “unwise and unfortunate” while stressing that it would force some families to separate.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has told a federal court that it plans to revoke the work permits of holders, who are primarily spouses of H-1B guest workers, within three months. The move is likely to impact thousands of skilled Indian-Americans and women working in the on H-4 visas.

The National Association of Software and Services Companies (Nasscom) said spouses who are talented individuals themselves, have the potential to add great value to the United States economy. “Forcing them to stay out of the workforce wastes that talent and deprives local businesses of their skills and disposable income. Finally, it could force some families to separate rather than being able to stay together,” said in a statement”.

Except that all that talent we’ve been hearing about for 20 years has produced a 21% unemployment rate, and sent the US $22 trillion into debt.

We had a huge tax surplus before these looters arrived.

And they don’t spend their income into the US economy – they remit it home where US dollars are worth a small fortune back in India. What is $400,000 dollars remitted out of the US X 10 million Indians?

Don’t believe the NASSCOM lies + propaganda designed to loot us.

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