Foreign propaganda everywhere

One has to love these unrelenting hit pieces on American workers, the best and most productive workers in the world by a mile.

So let’s get truth.

In sheer GDP per worker output, US ranks 6th in the world. Japanese, who work regular 80 hour work weeks, rank 15th. India and China aren’t even on the list. India and China, for example, both have more people under 30 than the US has people. With that kind of manpower, those countries ought to dominate the world in output by a mile. But they’re not even close to America or the rest of the world.

Foreign powers, jealous of the US economy and of American workers pump the propaganda day and night.

If US education is as bad as claimed, then why are millions of foreign students falling all over themselves to get into American schools to get degrees?

Countless articles and studies, and even India’s own media admit their workers are terrible.

95% engineers in India unfit for software development jobs: Report

You have to understand that articles such as these are paid PR from foreign powers such as NASSCOM, who hire US PR firms to pump the lies.

Studies, world statistics, and economic output simply prove that the claims are false.

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