Immigration Fraud Threatens National Security

No kidding.

Especially with the 3rd world dumping all its criminals into the US.

Open borders are an invitation to disaster. It’s that simple.

“With nearly all of the focus of the immigration debate centering on the abject lack of security along the U.S./Mexico border, other failures of the overwhelmed immigration system are being utterly ignored. Make no mistake: that dangerous border must be made secure against the illegal and uninspected entry of aliens, but the other failures of the immigration system are no less serious and pose no less of a threat“.

Oh, like maybe say organized criminals in suits running “global staffing agencies”, such as Tata, InfoSys, Wipro, etc who are all illegal monopolies now in the US and who regularly bring in unskilled workers on skilled work visas and then train them illegally.

You know – fraud like that.

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