It’s official: Boeing’s outsourcing to India Inc. caused the two 737 Max crashes

Well, the final verdict is in: the flawed software written in India by Boeing’s Indian engineers caused the two fatal 737 Max crashes over the past 5 months – killing 300 and costing Boeing tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars in grounded planes, and lost orders.

Many potential Boeing customers are now defecting to AirBus.

All because some bad Indian coders thought it was a good idea to have the software keep forcing the nose of the plane down on takeoff.

What kind of moronic programmer writes a program that continuously forces the nose of a plane down against the will of the pilots, on takeoff?

It’s takes a certain kind of stupid to make something like that – namely the IQ82 India Inc kind of stupid.

Imagine the sheer horror of both the pilots and the passengers as they tried to keep the plane in the air, only to be forced down at every turn by crappy, failed India Inc code.

Yep. Better, faster, cheaper.

If you don’t mind dying, if that is.

Must have been tested by all those fat, lazy H4 visa holding test wives with brain damage from diabetes. But don’t worry, they’re good for us because they run 5K maratons regularly.

But according to Mr. Trump “we have to give our brilliant companies the smartest people in the world”.

The smartest people in the world would be American engineers who designed the 737 and had it flying reliably for over 50 years.

Until India Incs got their hands on it, that is.

It takes an IQ82 nation to think that planes are supposed to go down on takeoff, instead of up.

How long will America and it’s “brilliant companies” last with this kind of damage going on?

Enjoy your losses Boeing.

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