After TCS, HCL Tech accused of bias against Americans while hiring in the US

No kidding.

By now everyone knows just how racist + bigotted the India Inc mafia illegal “global staffing companies” are.

They are using our visa laws as a silent mass invasion of America.

These people hate Americans and are deliberately targeting us for removal from the workforce as they take over the best companies we built.


Of course the MSM will never mention that it was failure shop HCL who almost destroyed the Boeing 787 proj.

“Indian IT major HCL Technologies has been accused of discrimination in its hiring practices in the US, months after Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) faced the same issue. AUS law firm has filed a class-action suit against HCL, The Economic Times reported.

Allegedly, HCL did not hire Gregory Handloser because of its ‘systematic and continuous discriminatory scheme’ even though the company considered him for employment five times between 2017 and 2018″.

Here is what it really looks like inside these Indian looter Nazi shops:

All of this of course is illegal under at least 4 US Federal laws: EEOC, Civil Rights Act, Title, Section 1182, and Fair Employment Act.

Why aren’t these criminal racist anti-American looter shops been closed down under RICO laws for the criminal operations they are conducting on Americans in America?

DHS isn’t “enforcing all laws” as claimed. In fact they’re not enforcing any.

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