Rhode Island Believes In 2nd Chances, Even for Deloitte

Looks like Indian job robber loot shop Deloitte will be given a 2nd chance by the State of Rhode Island even after it screwed up one of that state’s projects.

Another day, another India Inc fail, and more insanity as Americans continue to reward failure from India Incs.

It is Indians, not Americans who do not have the skills.

“Back in January 2017, Caleb made mention that Rhode Island was pissed at Deloitte because, when the state rolled out a new computer system in September 2016 that the firm designed, it had more bugs in it than a Florida swamp.

The computer system—known as the Unified Health Infrastructure Project (UHIP)—was supposed to streamline benefits, such as Medicaid, food stamps, and child-care assistance, for hundreds of thousands of Rhode Islanders.

Instead, UHIP was a complete disaster: residents reported missing benefits, hours-long call wait times to the state’s Department of Human Services, and long lines at DHS field offices, among other problems.

And two and a half years later, Deloitte continues to work on improvements to UHIP because the system still isn’t working the way it should”.

Not exactly better, faster, cheaper now is it India?

Gotta keep those billable hours going, right Deloitte?

More excessive tax dollars sucked out of America back to the criminal nation of India by the India Incs operating in the US with impunity.

We’re being looted as a nation folks – India gets all the huge contracts and contract dollars, we get busted junk everywhere.

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