US Techworkers: H-1B Fraud and the Trafficking Victims Protection Act

Oustanding article from US Techworkers and Jay Palmer on how H-1B visas create indentured labor, which is a violation of Federal law, not to mention the Constitution.

“Over the past eight months I have been contacted by more than 400 current and past H-1B/L-1 workers via the website Workers from companies such as HCL, Tata and Wipro have expressed to me how they are/were lied to and working in unlawful ways. Many of these workers have replaced Americans only for low wages and greed. The statute of limitations is 10 years.”

Indeed most of the India Inc “bodyshops” are really just human traffickers, since their H-1B visa holders are held captive to their employers, flown in from overseas, and paid little, if anything. Many get cheated and never paid after working months on projects, then benched or deported.

The India Incs make huge profit margins on this labor – sometimes billing clients $80 – $100/hr while paying the workers little.

For these reasons alone, not to mention moral ones, H-1B is completely illegal under US law and the Constitution, which forbids slavery. H-1B is little more than modern slavery for India Inc workers.

But as long as you wear suits, look respectable, and claim you are creating jobs, no one will really recognize that you are engaging in human trafficking and slavery.

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