Ray Dalio Warns Of “Revolution” Unless America Can Fix Inequality

Fixing inequality is simple. Two easy steps:

  1. Stop the corporate cheap labor pipeline + criminal CEO and biz lobby illegal wage fixing + manipulation.
  2. Let wages rise natually as required by Federal law by not oversupplying the labor force with unlimited mass immigration.

Wages will rise, people will spend, more business + profits will ensue, more Americans will be back to work, hundreds of billions of $ trapped in corporate coffers to be used for who knows what will be paid out to workers.

Wage-manipulation and fixing is a Federal crime, but that is just what criminal CEOs and the US Chamber of Commerce are engaged in.

Inequality is simply being caused by corporations holding on to way more wealth than they need. Apple alone has $300 billion in the bank. A few of those dollars thrown at US workers would transform the economy.

But greed rules the day so it will never happen.


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