H4 EAD Rule Lawsuit April 1st DHS Appelle Brief Summary – RedBus2US

This vid really shows the depth of the scheming and manipulation the Indian Mafia will go to to get their way.

The reasoning of this H-1B is astounding.

“H4’s don’t compete for US IT jobs since they can apply to any job”.

Sure they can, but they only want the high paying jobs. Most H4’s are fat, lazy software test wives of Y2K visa overstayers H-1B programmers.

This clown actually reasons that H4s and H-1Bs don’t create competition for jobs.

Meanwhile Americans displaced by these looters are freezing to death on the streets of America.

These looters come here for DOLLARS and prestigious jobs and that is all.

This “RedBus2US” website just goes to show how India thinks work visas are an unlimited, open ended mass immigration system to the US, not “temporary work visas”.

Just whose gov’t is this?

Luckily Trump just got rid of Traitor Nielsen as head of DHS:


Not only that, but the looters want green cards and welfare at the same time. We’re being looted, folks.

Here is what these racist looters are really doing to us:

This is full on racist invasion and takeover. Wake up America.

Racist + bigotted.

Yes you are. And you know you are.

Yep. We sure do. You know, sort of like this:

Even Ginny’s Indian-run IBM is 100% Indian racists.

Govt for sale.

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