Kris Kobach to Trump: End Remittances to Mexico to Stop Illegal Immigration, Boost U.S. Economy – Breitbart

No kidding. Most 3rd worlders come to the US for DOLLARS because back in their own countries, USD are worth a king’s ransom.

In fact, millions of H-1B workers from India ship billions out of the US economy in remittances annually.

That is $ that would have been spent into the US economy to create more jobs.

Remittances need to be outlawed in the US. If you want to work here, you have to spend here.

In fact Indians retire back in India at age 30 + pay cash for luxury high rise villas they build for themselves on our dollars.

In Silicon Valley Indians have an unspoken mantra amongst themselves:

“Loot and remit, die for dollars, outfox the Yankees!”.

No wonder our economy has problems.
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