‘Immigration work permits’ may out-number new jobs each month: NumbersUSA

Indeed that is the problem. We’re letting way more people into the US than there are jobs.

USA only has 165 million jobs total.

3 billion people around the world want them.

Do the math.

We’re being invaded and overrun at twice the jobs creation rate. New immigrants are NOT creating new jobs.


“The government jobs report today estimated that 196,000 new ones were created in the U.S. during March. Over the last three months, the average has been above 180,000 a month.

That sounds pretty good . . . until you consider that our federal government seems to be much more intent on adding more foreign workers monthly than helping tens of millions of non-working Americans get into the labor market.

Every month, the government issues around 90,000 lifetime work permits to new immigrants — about half the number of new jobs”.

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