Brendan Boyd
“So somebody please tell me what is going on here!!! For the record, so that you know my background, I am a very seasoned IT engineer. I have all kinds of experience in all kinds of top level cutting edge technologies like Javascript, AngularJS, JQuery, C++, HTML, Twitter Bootstrap, etc, etc. You can look on my Facebook profile to see my certifications and my background just in case you might be interested to see for yourself. I live in a town that doesn’t have a lot of opportunities for someone with my background in cutting technologies so I have to apply for a lot of jobs that are out of town and not located in my area of the country.

Because of that I have traveled to many out of town destinations for jobs interviews. I have gone to many places like San Diego, LA, Tucson, Phoenix, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Austin and those are just to name a few for jobs interviews, almost always at my own expense. I have literally made trip after trip after trip after trip to literally dozens and dozens of places out of town and I have come back each and every time empty handed with no jobs offers ever.

I have received all kinds of feedback as to why I am not hired and it is for the flimsiest of reasons you could ever imagine. Like for instance once reason that they gave was because “he gave non-specific answers to specific questions.” WTF???!!! He has no experience with AngularJS when in reality I have five certifications in it and I have created about 11 website apps with AngularJs and I am (or at least I was) and expert in that Technology. One company in Phoenix, Arizona, by the name of “Secret Direct” told the recruiter that sent me to the job that they didn’t want to pursue the job hiring process any further because in their own words because “I was too honest”. WFT??? Another place in Austin, Texas told me that I was “too nervous”. WTF???? To me that is just plumb loco plain crazy talk in the extreme.

I mean I could go on and on and on with example after example but what would be the use? My jobs search for about the last 4 to 5 years has been nothing but an exercise in frustration and futility. Then if potential employers don’t use flimsy excuses not to hire me, the employers throw these insanely, insanely hard technical tests that only a super expert could pass and do if you are really lucky. Most of us are super duper experts at all of the technologies out there, but they expect us to be when we go on jobs interviews. It is nothing short of insane. Totally crazy to the max.

Yet I keep on hearing the talking heads on Fox News, and MSNBC and CNBC and from the billionaire elites talking on Sixty Minutes how there is this big STEM shortage out there and that Americans are stupid idiots who are not worthy of any anything or the time of day. Anybody here want to fill me in why all of this happening to me on a very regular basis? The excuses that they have given not to hire me are beyond the craziest realms of reason or logic”.

No, it’s just because India Inc’s PR company, Hill + Knowlton is paying all those news outlets to parrot that lie. And because India Inc global staffing companies like Deloitte, Wipro, Tata, etc don’t want Americans working. It’s thart simple.

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