Nike is abusing H-1B visas + stealing jobs from American IT workers

Next up on the boycott list is Nike. Full on boycott, folks – for stealing jobs from US tech workers, and criminally manipulatig the H-1B visa program.

All of this of course, violates Title 8, and is criminal fraud on the part of all the CEOs involved.

Under US law all foreign H-1B workers are inadmissible aliens if qualified Americans are available. Training and replacement of American workers is always visa fraud, which is always a crime.

More proof the India Inc bodyshops are stealing American resumes, + pasting Indians’ names on them so they can get the jobs, which is also fraud.

Let’s call it resume fraud.

Wage-fixing and manipulation is also a Federal crime. H-1B is always illegal of the “prevailing wage” isn’t paid. This proves it’s not. Half is being paid, which is illegal.

Most H-1B labor in the US is illegal. These bodyshops + criminal CEOs need to be shut down now.

“I work for a company currently providing fake resume contractors to Nike. They are systematically replacing all high pay IT professionals with H-1B candidates with fake credentials from India. These workers accept the positions at 60% the going rate of American IT professionals. The way Nike does it is super sneaky. First, they post the job on their site as though they will legitimately hire someone but will set a secre internal salary cap at 1/2 the market rate, so no Americans will accept offers, even if they successfully interview. After they find “no appropriate candidates” they change the posting to “requesting outside contractors.” By doing it this way, they no longer need to sponsor the visas these contractors need themselves. The public has no idea of the number of H-1b employees being used because nike is not “employing” them. They let the Indian owned contracting companies do it for them. Some of the hiring managers at Nike are secretly part owners of the contract companies they are hiring from and are manipulating the interview process from inside.

Don’t believe me? Search for “Java Developer” or “Hadoop Developer” or “.net developer” at Nike Portland on LinkedIn. Not an American in sight.

anil_thalayat3 points · 1 year ago

I am not surprised, most Fortune 500 comapnies are using this path to discriminate american workers. Apple, Google, Microsoft, Nike… all using this loophole. Now days they only hire in house managers and H1b contractors.

There’s another article about Cisco using the same strategy, cant find the linklevel 1MET13 points · 1 year ago

The ridiculous thing is that Nike is making money hand over fist – the shoes they import have a declared value for US customs of under $10. and we all know what they retail for. They do not need to skimp on hiring US workers”.

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