Capgemini immerses itself in a new IT contract with BAE Systems Marine

BAE Systems Marine makes British military subs.

Make no mistake – Indian Mafia uses its cheap labor tactics such as these to get into western defense companies so it can steal military secrets on how our defense systems work.

As a side biz it then sells the secrets to China + Russia for a few extra bucks.

Western governments are commiting national suicide.

Paris, April 10, 2019 – Capgemini has today announced a five-year contract with BAE Systems Marine, the branch of the British defense, security, and aerospace company responsible for the design and manufacture of submarines. Under the terms of the deal, Capgemini in the UK will take over the provision of a broad spectrum of IT services, including service orchestration, networking, hosting, DevOps, reporting and analytics, automation, and a digital service desk”.

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