Denied the H-1B American Software Engineer Genocide Visa, Indians Just Sneak In

This article shows just how badly the criminal nation of India is damaging the US.

We’re being scammed, looted, drained, and destroyed on a scale not seen since ancient Rome was toppled by invaders. No economy can withstand this kind of onslaught. If we do not make the hard decisions needed to survive, America will fall.

“But one of the fastest-growing groups of illegal immigrants come not from the barrios of South America or the slums of Africa, but mega-sized cities in India 8,000 miles away from the tiny town of El Centro, California, where a handful of Indian nationals are illegally entering the U.S. every day, officials say.

“It’s a common misconception that we just arrest Mexicans – that couldn’t be further from the truth,” said El Centro agent Justin Casterhone. “We arrest people from all over the world.”

Unable to obtain H1b visas, which are given to Indians with fake degrees to throw hard working Americans into the streets and make them starve, Indians are heading to the U.S. — illegally — in droves.

We learn the jargon a few words in a two week course above a curry shop. It costs us 200 Rupees which is a lot for us. We get to replace Americans who spent hundreds of thousands of dollars becoming real engineers and programmers. It’s a bit strange but we need the money.” said Drajeet Rathakandi another new arrival caught at the border”.

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