H-1B Cap Season + the Tech Corridor is Full of Anxious Skilled Workers

Anxious? They all knew from day 1 that they were only temporary.

More shortage shouting cheap labor lies.

Tens of millions of Americans who built the IT industry are available in America for these jobs. It’s usually the foreign “startup” parasites who are screaming they can’t find enough Americans.

The reality is they use these lies to manipulate our visa systems to bring in their friends, cousins, aunts, uncles, 16 other relatives, and anyone else the US gov’t is dumb enough to admit.

Without the shortage shouting, all these frauds know foreign workers are illegal in America.

So they keep propagating the lies.

There is no shortage, in fact there’s a surplus.

Even MIT admits the “skills gap” is a myth which does not exist.


“We also have an increasing number of small start-up tech companies and small to mid-size engineering and tech-based companies that need Software Engineers, Computer Systems Analysts and Programmers, data analysts, IT managers and web designers. We are the perfect storm of employers who need these skilled workers; foreign nationals who have the skills for the jobs; and a dearth of U.S. workers with the skills or training to fill them”.

Here’s one such American skilled worker freezing outside who needs one of those jobs and has the skills. Go hire him:


Also drove 2 tech companies into the ground as CEO and was sued for fraud by one of them.

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