How much would it cost to house the Bay Area’s homeless? Try $12.7 billion

Homeless? We thought importing millions of foreign tech workers was going to keep Silicon Valley booming.

Looks like the looters didn’t perform as promised.

Time for them to go.

Of course in 1998 when American workers ran the US economy the US was booming and had no homeless problem whatsoever.

Not today – not after the tens of millions of H-1B looters who failed to perform + create new jobs as promised.

20 years of India Inc failure + looting.

Americans who built Silicon Valley have been run out of their own companies and industries by the Indian mafia and forced into homelessness thanks to the complete takeover of all hiring in the US by India Inc staffing companies.

Now CA wants a “regional solution” to the “problem”.

Ok, here’s a regional solution: send all the temporary guest worker non–performers back to India, and give the jobs back to Americans.

That would fix the problem, don’t you think?

H-1B + India Incs are the cause of this problem.

“It would cost an estimated $12.7 billion to permanently house the Bay Area’s homeless residents, according to a new report that paints a picture of a crisis so massive, researchers say local cities won’t be able to solve it without a bold, region-wide plan and help from the state.

With 28,200 homeless residents, the nine-county Bay Area has the fifth-highest concentration of homelessness in the country, according to a report released Wednesday by the Bay Area Council Economic Institute.

“Homelessness is not just something that San Francisco faces. It’s not just something that Oakland faces or San Jose,” said Jeff Bellisario, vice president of the Economic Institute. “It’s the entire region, and we need the region to come together to solve the problem.”

End H-1B. Send all the temporary Y2K visa overstayers home as originally agreed. Give the jobs back to the American workers who were driven out.

End of problem.

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