I Saw An American Waiter Serving To Indians In The US & Realised Why Trump Won


The Indian Mafia sure loves to gloat on their “victory” over Americans.

Someone needs to remind them that it was Americans who built all the great companies they walked into and took over.

Brank robbers are “successful” too.

The Hinglish in this opinion is hilarious.

“They clearly understood that insecurity in majority leads to ultra-nationalism. For decades the common white American was laid back, drinking beer and watching soccer. At the inception of the pro-Black and pro-Immigrant policies, he did not pay a lot of attention. He was probably ok with it. But as years got converted into decades, he started witnessing that he indeed was losing out to the other communities”.

And no, you’re not a “community”, you’re all Y2K TEMPORARY GUEST VISA OVERSTAYERS.

How temporry is “temporary”?

“For decades” it was we, not you who built places such as Silicon Valley while you were back home still tyring to build enough toilets for your own people.

These invaders love to portray Americans as lazy, when it was Americans who built and created everything they now occupy.


Just look at all those lazy Americans sitting on the couch drinking beer while Indians built Apple.

Even Vivek Fraudhwa admits such.

Too bad India’s H-1B program is a huge genocide on American IT workers – sending many to homelessness and death on the streets.

What goes around comes around, or as you say in India. Karma.

Rather, it is immigrants who are on the couches. Dead weight parasites on our economy.

No woner our econ is so screwed up with these wannabe parasites living off the work of Americans.

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