Indeed launches Silicon Valley expansion, new Sunnyvale office

Racist Indian Mafia job robber portal just opened 2 big new offices in the SF Bay Area.

But guess what?

Both of the offices are near two of the world’s biggest tech giants – Apple – just down the street in Cupertino, and Sony Interactive Entertainment in Foster City, CA. India Inc outsourcing shop IBM is also in the Foster City building referenced.

Both offices are strategically located to move in + loot both companies.

Of course only Indian “talented workers” will be hired.

The takeover of Apple + Sony are next, folks.

Indeed is in violation of Title 8 of US code which make it illegal to even admit any foreign national to the US for work if doing so harms an American worker.

Indeed needs to be shut down for Title 8, EEOC, and other immigration violations. This is how the Indian Mafia rolls: target big, successful companies, move in + take over, then move all the jobs back to India, leaving Americans who helped build the companies without jobs.

Indeed is just another India Inc organized crime syndicate which needs to be shut down now under RICO laws.

This is why Americans cannot find jobs. Don’t fall for the new Indian Mafia “local, local, local” lies. The jobs will mostly go to local Indians, and the listing and jobs Indeed provides will also all go to Indians. You don’t lease a 56,000 sq. ft. office and only create 250 jobs, trust us.

These are foreign looting powers, cleaning out American companies, and American subsidiaries of Japanese companies such as Sony. We know because we used to work at Sony in Foster City and it was mostly American workers until the Indian Mafia moved in.

India is the world’s job harvesting parasite. Apple + Sony are gold mines for these job robbers.

“The new sites for Indeed, accomplished through separate leasing deals, include an office at 100 Mathilda Place in Sunnyvale and a new Foster City office 1051 E. Hillsdale Blvd. at the Parkside Towers complex in Foster City.

“We’re thrilled to deepen Indeed’s takeover roots in the Bay Area,” said Raj Mukherjee, a senior vice president at Indeed, a global search engine for job listings. “The region has been a target-rich environment an excellent market for us to hire professional talent within the tech, customer service and sales fields.

”We look forward to growing our workforce and increasing our commitment to the local community, helping us deliver on our mission to help people get jobs,” Mukherjee said.

Cut the crap, Raj. You are here to give American jobs to Indians, + move what jobs you can back to India.

Stop the lies.

No wonder, Raj is a Columbia MBA – where they teach cheap offshore labor to all MBA students.

Indeed’s new digs, on the right in the IBM building, and Sony Interactive’s US HQ in the tower in the distance on the left.

Invasion + takeover imminent.

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