More proof India Incs don’t hire Americans

A comment over on Professor Norm Matloff’s blog:

“Interesting final remark about Indian recruiters. I’ve had quite a learning experience with them. American recruiters have gotten me phone screens, interviews, and actual jobs, often quickly. The Indian recruiters, whether from a small company or working for an American recruiting company that I’d dealt with in the past, have achieved zilch for me. Not even a phone screen, for jobs I’m very qualified for and have actually done well. I no longer send them my resume or sign RtRs with them after a year of nada for all sorts of openings, including verifiable reqs from local governmental entities. All they have accomplished is tying up my candidacy so that I can’t be submitted for a given req by another recruiter. Perhaps that was the idea?”

Of course it was the idea. India is the most racist country on earth + won’t allow Americans to work in their own country.

The Indian Mafia takeover of America continues unabated.

DHS + the US gov’t will do absolutely nothing about it.

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