Trio of American Software Engineers Burn Themselves Alive To Protest H-1B Visa

“Newtown — A shocking display as three American software engineers sat down in the city square doused themselves with gasoline and set themselves on fire. A note left behind stated simply “The US Government has commited genocide against software engineers. They import over 500,000 Indian engineers with fake degrees every year while American software engineers starve in the streets. Indian mafias have taken control of placement agencies and management positions making it impossible for our best and brightest to find jobs. We have lost everything and have no other way to protest this criminal government’s actions that have destroyed the American software profession”.

The string of American software engineer protest suicides is increasing. The first notable one – Kevin Flannagan – ocurred after he was replaced by Indians and forced to train them. He blew his brains out in the parking lot of his former employer.

Many are now starting to wonder if the whole economic collapse in America is due to the collapse of the software industry.

The bigger question is how far does this have to go before it ever gets reported in the mainstream media – Henry Stack who flew a plane into the IRS building in Austin comes to mind. The mainstream media has a total media blackout on the H-1B visa, a visa which has brought in over four million foreign nationals for a job market sized at just 4.5 million. Thats a 90 % unemployment rate for our best and brightest, and that’s just economic suicide for the nation..


And that is the real reason we are $22 trillion in debt. in 1998 we had a tax surplus.

Indian Mafia takeover caused both the 2002 + 2008 collapses.

Most of America’s econ relied on the software industry after manufacturing was shipped to China.

Now that the software industry has been looted too, America has little left to run on. This blog tells it like it is.

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