Yahoo will pay $117.5 million in massive data breach

Settlement covers as many as 194 million people in the United States and Israel

Well EEOC-violating former failed woman tech CEO and “women in tech” poster boy Vivek “Fraudhwa” Wadhwa’s favorite female CEO – Marissa Mayer’s – outsourcing to India Inc, destroyed once-great Yahoo! + excising all white American male engineers from the company sure has been good for it.

Like failure shop Boeing, who drives planes into the ground for less, Yahoo! now gets to feel the pain of all that “better, faster, cheaper” India Inc looter labor who ripped off all of its data too.

You get what you pay for, Silicon Valley.

Enjoy, shareholders. You lost your shirts.

“Yahoo, now part of New York-based Verizon Communications, had been accused of being slow to disclose three data breaches affecting about 3 billion accounts from 2013 to 2016″.

That’s because Verizon got looted by Indian Mafia too which now runs it.

You don’t think they want anyone to let on that they’re stealing everything in sight, do you?

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