Feds say Cary man processed hundreds of fraudulent H-1B applications

In creating “hundreds” of fraudulent H-1B applications, a Cary man earned “at least $26.2 million in ill-gotten gross proceeds.”


The defendant, Sairam Yeruva of Cary NC., faces a maximum of five years in prison and a $250,000 fine according to the US Attorney’s Office.

Yeruva’s petitions H-1B petitions claimed the workers would be at specific locations in Raleigh, NC, or Aurora, Colo., and paid the prevailing wage throughout the entirety of their H-1B status, according to the US Attorney’s Office. However, the workers were provided to clients throughout the US and many workers were benched without pay while between assignments.”

Quote: Originally Posted by 2Loud Nope. ….except those that come on a H1 are more likely to actually work. Not saying others don’t (for the knee jerk emotional reactionaries out there), but the odds are considerably higher they will contribute to society and pay taxes….

It’s also more likely that H1B workers are taking jobs that US citizens DO want.

All the hue and cry over border jumpers stealing jobs from Americans is largely nonsense (excepting skilled trades).

And, ALL of the latter could be fixed if e-Verify actually was enforced.

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