Arrest Ravi Kumar of InfoSys for visa fraud, Mr. Trump

InfoSys and this guy Ravi Kumar are really dangerous. InfoSys will continue to rob jobs and illegally displace Americans in the US workforce.

All of this is completely illegal under US Title 8, of course.

Notice the biz-speak used to make it sound like it’s good for the US: ‘invest in US jobs’. No, taking jobs from Americans + giving them to illegal H-1B invaders.

We are being invaded + taken over.

“Infosys on Wednesday opened a large technology hub in Hartford, Connecticut, where it plans to employ 1,000 Americans by 2022.

This is Infosys‘ third hub in the U.S., following openings in Indiana and North Carolina over the last year. The plan is to open two more hubs in Arizona and Texas.

President Ravi Kumar told CNBC that Infosys has made 7,000 new hires across the U.S. with plans to reach 10,000 by the end of 2019.

We are creating new talent that does not exist in the market,” Kumar said to CNBC by phone”.


If they do hire “Americans”, you can bet they will be INDIAN AMERICANS.

There are tens of millions of skilled Americans available for these jobs and who are unemployed. InfoSys “hubs” file fake H-1bs, lie on the LCA’s, then use the “hubs” as conduits for mass immigration for more H-1bs from India to move in and colonize the US with impunity. They move their people into US companies and displace existing Americans in those jobs.

If the skills do not exist in the marketplace then why are the incoming InfoSys invaders being trained by Americans?

Skills don’t exist in the marketplace, Ravi? Then why are existing skilled American workers training your people Ravi? We all know you are lying and comitting visa FRAUD.

EEOC-illegal 100% Indian Mafia @ a large bank in NY



These India Inc illegal bodyshops need to be shut down now. India is colonizing the US quietly via “business”. Don’t be fooled by the nice-sounding, nice-looking corporate front.

This is invasion.

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