Outsourced UCSF workers sue state regents

UCSF comitted criminal visa fraud.

The real question here is: why didn’t the US gov’t come down on UCSF for visa fraud because that is what occured at UCSF.

H-1B visas are only valid if the foreign worker already has the skills that cannot be found in American workers.

If the UCSF workers were forced to train their H-1B foreign replacements, then UCSF was comitting visa fraud.

Fraud is always a criminal act.

Why weren’t those responsible @ UCSF arrested and charged with visa fraud? These people are criminals. Training foreign unskilled replacements who do not have the skills claimed is illegal and is a criminal act.

What does the US gov’t do with the trillions in tax money and debt it spends?

Apparently not enforcing all laws, or putting American workers first.

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