US Techworkers – Manufacturing Constituents: The Push to End Country Caps

Very important. Must watch to see how Indians on H1-B / H4 visas are conducting fraud to persuade politicians to pass radical change to US immigration system to favor only Indians.

A must-watch video. India is pushing and lobbying hard to pass new laws which favor Indians only for green cards and H-1B visas for the next six years. All other countries would be excluded + India would get first shot at all the new green cards issues.

This is Nazi racism, if not worse.

The truth is: India’s real intent is to invade and take over the US.

As usual, the Indian Mafia is using fraud to dupe Congress.

These people are comitting crimes. Fraud is always a crime.

Immigration Voice must be shut down now because it is organized crime.

TEMPORARY FOREIGN GUEST WORKERS have no say in US politics because they are not citizens, or even permanent residents. They are not constiuents. They are merely temporary guests.

Any foreign guest worker who calls a US politician should be arrested and deported immediately since they are subverting our gov’t.

Our politicians are being bribed by India.

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