Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance: Pass the NO BAN Act

It doesn’t get any more racist + bigotted than this.

These people need to be shut down because they’re really unregistered foreign agents.

A “labor alliance” pushing Asian + Muslim workers.

That’s illegal under US feeral law.

It’s illegal to discriminate in hiring based on national origin.

Where is the DHS, ICE, DOL, + DOJ?

Silent, as usual.

Foreign powers now seek to change our immigration laws.

Not quite “temporary guest workers” now are they?

Strengthened Antidiscrimination Protections: The NO BAN Act expands the Immigration & Nationality Act’s antidiscrimination provision by making clear that it applies to the issuance of a broad range of immigration benefits, including both temporary and permanent visas. The bill also adds religion to the INA’s existing protections against discrimination on the basis of race, sex, nationality, place of birth, and place of residence”.

Someone neds to tell APALA that as commander in chief, the president always has the power to stop anything and anyone who constitutes a threat to national security.

This is subversion of our government, which is also a federal crime.

Arrest these people.

But it appears to be fine when Indian mafia organized crime “global staffing agencies” do it on Americans born here:

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