India Inc. IT con scammed NV DMV out of $78 million

This must be what Trump meant by “world’s smartest people” our “brilliant companies” can’t do without.

Those brilliant people from the conman nation of India have just about destroyed the NV DMV with failed IT projects.

Not the best + brightest – not by a mile.

Actually the dumbest + most incompetent.

As usual, we get broken, destroyed organizations, the world’s #1 con artist country makes off with tens of millions of our $.

Not better, faster, cheaper –just RIPPED OFF.

Loot + remit, India.

“After falling victim to what the state’s lieutenant governor called a “bait and switch,” Nevada’s Department of Motor Vehicles has canceled a $78 million contract with its contractor headquartered in Mumbai, India.

The DMV announced on Jan. 24 it has ended its contract with Tech Mahindra, the company chosen by the state to complete work on a major IT system modernization that the state calls its “SysMod” upgrade. In its announcement, the department cites “a number of varying concerns” with the vendor, likely referencing an auditor’s report released on Jan. 16 revealing several major breaches in contract by Tech Mahindra, including failure to supply documentation in understandable English and supplying fewer personnel to the project than originally promised“.

The contract with Tech Mahindra was funded through a $114 million allocation approved by the legislature in 2015, which accompanied the creation of a $1 technology fee added to all DMV transactions. Tech Mahindra, a multinational corporation that posted $4.6 billion in revenue in 2017, did not respond to a request to comment on this story.

The state auditor’s report, which was requested by the DMV, shows that problems begin to arise with the vendor several months after the five-year contract was initiated in April 2016.

The report shows that the company originally claimed it would supply an “A-Team” of 25 staff members experienced in dealing with “the public sector, other state DMVs, Oracle database, IT security, and infrastructure,” but as of April 2017, only six people had been put on the project and of those six members, “three did not start until after April 2017, a fourth was removed after two months, a fifth was removed and returned to the project several times, and a sixth assumed multiple responsibilities.”

Auditors said the company was failing to meet basic requirements outlined in the state’s procurement documents such as providing documentation in understandable English”.

Here is what the snake-charming fraud nation is building with all the $ they loot out of us:
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