India Inc. invasion conduits + the lie of “local talent”

Unregisteretd foreign agents such as Azim Premji of Wipro + Ravi Kumar of InfoSys need to be arrested immediately.


Because not only are both illegal unregistered foreign agents, but both are comitting visa fraud in plain view.

These people are laughing at how dumb we are to allow them to operate their organized crime syndicates with impunity.

India is using these “global staffing companies” as mass invasion conduits into the US. There is nothing “temporary” about their workers. They get in on H-1Bs, file for green cards, then citizenship, then start other staffing companies to loot more jobs from Americans.

Their PR firms pump lies like the one below into the media claiming they are opening “innovation hubs” to hire “local talent”.

All lies, of course.

If they do hire “local talent” it will be Indians only. Oh sure, they’ll hire an American or two so they can claim they are not discriminating, but 98% of their hires will be more foreign H-1B workers from India.

Articles such as these are feel good PR to deceive the American public into thinking they are nice people and here to “create jobs”.

But not jobs for Americans.

We are being colonized. This is invasion. And the US gov’t has a duty to protect Americans from it.

Are you listening Mr. Trump?

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