Letting Millions of American Software Engineers Die Because of the H-1B Genocide Visa

“The most critical thing of course is locking up Hillary. And the first chargers should be simple – destruction of evidence, and violating national security. Then sick the dogs on her 145 million kickback for giving our uranium to Russia. And that will open up the investigation to Rod Rosenstein and Mueller. And THAT is precisely WHY they are attacking Trump. That is what they fear

While he’s doing stuff, he might increase the number of investigations on H-1B visa fraud which had cut software engineers salaries in half and put 90% of our american engineers into the streets. Five million indian engineers in the usa for four million jobs is quite a bit too many thank you very much.  And once he finds that they all have fake degrees, cut the numbers allowed down to 10,000 a year. Not 577,000 a year!!!!

For thirty years now America has imported hundreds of thousands of Indians with fake degrees on the H-1B visa, over FIVE MILLION now in the country for the scarce four million jobs. How many american software engineers have to die, face bankruptcy or finally seek other fields before America wakes up?”.

Don’t worry Hill, that suitcase of cash is waiting.

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