Rich Nations Plagued With Economic Stagnation Risk Populist Hell, OECD Warns

Let’s start off by saying OECD is a communist front. “Cooperation” has always been codeword for communism. Or as Gorbachev called it “International Socialism”.

When they say “Rich nations” they really mean productive nations.

But 20 years ago, in the midst of a booming US economy, Americans were told the incoming invasion of millions of foreign guest workers “would keep the US economy going”.

Now OECD warns of “stagnation”.

That can only mean one thing: foreign guest workers didn’t perform as promised.

Of course anyone of millenial age or younger doesn’t remember 20 years ago, so they don’t know the US has only stagnated since the invasion of foreign workers.

Before that the US was booming.

Of course the west never needed these workers to begin with – they needed the west’s jobs + remittances. Gorbachev said as much in his 1987 book “Perestroika: New Thinking for Our Country and the World“.

It’s time the west fire the non-performers + put the Americans who built the booming 1990s economy back to work.

“Across the developed world, low- and middle-class people are struggling with stagnant income growth, rising lifestyle costs and unstable jobs, which the organization warned risks fueling “political instability” should these problems go unchecked. Meanwhile, the costs of housing and education were rising faster than inflation and middle-income jobs faced an increasing threat from automation

Across OECD member states, incomes for the middle class haven’t risen in a decade, even as the cost of education, health-care and housing have risen rapidly (but remember: The Fed can’t find any evidence of inflation in the economy).

The rich man’s club of the OECD wants higher taxes on capital; higher taxes on the rich; stronger unions; more public spending; mortgage relief; more affordable housing; and better social services. A complete reversal of the socio-economic policies of the last 40 years. All they have to do now is work out that this is not compatible with central-bank asset-price inflation, which makes housing unaffordable, and with free trade, which makes higher state spending unaffordable and higher wages uncompetitive“.

Well you can’t have it both ways – mass immigration drives wages (prices) down + prices (demand) up at the same time. It’s that simple.

Most of the middle class’s problem stem from not having jobs, or from having wages artificially suppressed for over 2 decades by US corporate executives. Meanwhile, mass immigration of foreign workers has driven demand for housing through the roof, which causes housing prices to skyrocket. Low wages, high costs. Can’t have a middle class with that going on.

The solution then is not more government programs, the solution is to stop immigration until wages + prices stabilize.

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