Arrest Aman Kapoor of Immigration Voice now for fraud

Immigration Voice Phone Fraud – FL02 – Aman Kapoor – The Founder of Immigration Voice logs into the chat to check up on the phone fraud. All is well. Says and does nothing. It is the click of approval from the Founder Father. “Aman Kapoor is the co-founder of Immigration Voice and is our liaison with other groups and agencies. Mr. Kapoor has been working in US for the last seventeen years. He has a Bachelors’ degree in Engineering and MBA from Florida State University. Mr. Kapoor and his family’s permanent residency application was approved in 2007 and he continues to lead Immigration Voice.”

Tax ID no. 20-4110064
Legal status: 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization
Purpose: To solve problems in the employment-based green card process.
Headquarters: San Jose, California, United States
Coordinates: 37.262677°N 121.879024°W
President: Aman Kapoor
Revenue (2016) $255,380
Expenses (2016) $150,471
Employees (2016) 0

Source. wikipedia/wiki/Immigration_Voice

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