Desi Immigration News spouts the “talent” lie

Highly skilled + talented, skills gap, etc etc etc.

These people never stop with the lies.

If you are so talented then why are Americans training you?

No, now that all you H-1B trainee frauds are being sent packing, the US economy picking up. Jobless claims are the lowest since 1969, even surpassing the Reagan era.

That’s how badly you’ve been damaging our economy for 20 years.

These fraud conmen from the criminal nation of India sure love to pump the lies. Restrictions on immigration + work visas are clearly leading to a better economy. In just two years.

The US economy has been stagnant for the 20 years you people have been here.

You didn’t keep the economy going and drove it $22 trillion into debt over the past 20 years.

We had a tax surplus + full employment before you people got here.

Time to send the US Army in and round up all these foreign enmies of America like Uganda did in 1972.

Nothing else will work.

And we sure didn’t have 50,000 homeless on the streets of L.A. 20 years ago as Cher pointed out yesterday.

Time for you to go, looters.

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