Nazi Desi Immigration News: “We are set to rule”

Just more proof that India is using our visa laws to conquer us, and that conquest is what they have in mind.

Well “nativists” and not you built Silicon Valley long before you got here. It is you who are unemployable, which is why you need to break into the US and rob jobs from Americans who created them.

Of course India can’t produce millions of highly educated technical experts – IIT is so bad it cannot even get accreditation.

Oh – and Americans train their replacements from India.

It’s all a gigantic looting fraud from India. These people want what we have and they are here to loot us.

Average IQ in India is 82, average American IQ is 98 – 17 points higher. These people cannot even build enough toilets or pick up their own trash.

They have to keep the myth of the “dumb American” going because they know the law says they can only enter the US if there aren’t enough skilled Americans available.

Liars, thieves, and snake-charming conmen.

No wonder Uganda rounded them all up at gunpoint in 1972 and ejected them from that country. Even Africans don’t want them.

The Indian propaganda rolls on as India Incs use our visa laws to invade and take us over.

These people should be arrested immediately.

Are you listening DHS?

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