Visa case: Former US employee of Infosys files an appeal for review in California court

“A former Infosys employee in the US, whose lawsuit against the company for alleged visa fraud was thrown out last month, has now filed a notice of appeal at the District Court of California. A notice of appeal is filed to review a case.

According to filings in, a non-profit legal search engine, a federal court judge in San Jose in March left the door open for Carl Krawitt — who had filed the lawsuit — to submit an amended complaint if he wished to, after dismissing his case. Krawitt had alleged in his case that Infosys had conspired to bring in Indian employees on B-1 business visas as trainers for a six-week programme at Apple though, as per legal requirements, they could only be brought on H-1B visas, which are tougher to get”.

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