India uses H-1B, E-2 ‘temporary’ visas as mass immigration + settlement in US

They’re either ‘temporary’ workers or they’re not.

India seems to be under the false impression that the H-1B visa is a mass immigration visa to move to and ‘settle’ in the US.

They will use any and all methods to get a “route” into the US.

The scheming + scamming is unreal.

‘Here’s why you may need to look beyond H-1B visa route..

Except that if you are an “India Inc” global staffing company and you bring a foreign worker in on an L-1 visa then place them at another company, you are breaking the law.

L-1s are only for intracompany transfers, and are limited. They’re not mass immigration visas.

And if you are a “non-immigrant” then how are you going to “settle” in the US?

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