The ‘Musk’ propaganda

Foreign powers love to cite cases of immigrants such as Elon Musk as reasons the US needs open borders.

These articles are all paid for PR by foreign powers.

Musk is the rare exception. And few immigrants have ever created as much success on the scale Musk has.

With rare exceptions such as NVIDIA and Juniper Networks, or eBay, most immigrants have never created anything. And for every Elon Musk we import, we’re importing 100,000s of losers who are here for dollar remittances back home only who never produce anything.

In the case of Indian immigrants, there have been almost zero such successes.

And the article is wrong on two more fronts: neither experience nor degrees created Silicon Valley. It was created by college dropout hippies.

Total dedication to craft was what created Silicon Valley, not gov’t or immigrants or anything else

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