More shortage shouting lies from InfoSys

Fined, illegal human trafficker InfoSys is at it again: shouting a shortage of skilled workers so the India Inc staffing company bodyshop cna flood the US with more cheap looter workers.

GAO, Dr. Ron Hira, and Dr. Hal Salzman, ahve all issued reports saying there is no labor shortage in America.

India Incs know what the H-1B law says and they know they can’t import more foreign workers without claiming a shortage of American workers first.

There is no shortage. It’s all PR lies from India’s NASSCOM PR agency Hill + Knowlton.

H-1B workers also are effectively indentured workers, which is illegal under the US Constitution.

India Incs are using the US H-1B visa program as a mass invasion and takeover program.

There’s no shortage of talent in America. Americans created Silicon Valley long before India Inc shops opened up here.

Besides, under Title 8 of US law it’s illegal for any foreign worker to work here if Americans are adversely affected.

And right now the real US unemployment rate is 21%.

All these lying India Inc staffing companies need to be raided by ICE and closed down now.

Oh, and as for that Indian “talent”? Well, we’re training them:

“Check out some of those comments:

“This is just a lie, trying to control public opinion. I have friends who are software developers with many years experience (I am a developer too) who have been out of work for months and cannot find work.Infosys makes about a million dollars for each contractor, across the ten years of servitude and slavery the laws guarantee them. So, if they can get thousands more, they make billions more. Meanwhile American’s cannot find a job out of school and even with many years of experience, some cannot find a job, unless they want to take a pay cut to 1990 levels for developers.

InfoSys are criminal frauds.–j3y_w7bvi_rtjfj5ah0vmfgenqpkc&guce_referrer=ahr0chm6ly93d3cuzmfjzwjvb2suy29tlw&guce_referrer_sig=aqaaak8kz0evrw3ymg_l9drsxhsz9kpo5y-qvkuz6y-7w1plvc6mbrtr9cor-kodannft25l1_xjh8fh77ezqii4ykxgiby7hwykz_jufhvxoefv0wcz0nxrk_-kds1nr9uqalt5mnynivgkj7bwhwu_7ptihwjd2qhfvbgxj8veur4g

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