‘H-1B Challenges’


Just whose gov’t is this?

India seems to think H-1B is their mass immigration visa.

H-1B belongs to the US and its people. We decide who comes and goes and when. USA is not your cookie jar, India.

Now the fraud India Incs are scrambling to dump their companies and get out.


Now USCIS wants exact number of H-1B petitions and beneficiaries to be mentioned in the Purchase Order or Work Order and every individual beneficiary needs to have an individual end client letter. This is preventing larger IT consulting companies who are direct vendors to end clients from filing a higher number of H-1B petitions.

Some would like to retire or start planning for an exit plan. If you are an IT consultancy owner and would like to retire or seek a working / managing partner or an investor, please send an email to info@consultancyforsale.com

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