Stop the ‘visa war,’ Trump adviser says

Talk about small and petty. What a traitor and hypocrite.

Just look at that photo of all those 20-something Chinese job robbers lining up for visas. Somehow we doubt they are all “scholarly researchers”.

Most of them want US tech jobs in Silicon Valley.

Pillsbury is also former CIA + RAND Corporation. From Wikipedia:

“Pillsbury participated in President Jimmy Carter‘s decision in 1979–80, as modified by President Reagan in 1981, to initiate military and intelligence ties with China.

According to Raymond L. Garthoff, “Michael Pillsbury first floated the idea of arms sales and broad range of American military security relationships with China in a much-discussed article in Foreign Policy in the fall of 1975. Not known then was that Pillsbury had been conducting secret talks with Chinese officials”.

Traitor much Pillsbury?

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