Why Are American Communities Dying asks Zero Hedge

We all know why: the strip mining + theft of American industry by India + China.

We have failed to protect our country from predatory nations.

Far from “keeping America competitive”, these armies of foreign industrial spies are displacing Americans from their jobs + communities, plus stealing our industries and moving them back to their own countries.

Tens of millions of displaced, nomadic Americans now have to live out of cargo vans, trailers, or are homeless. The communal, stable fabric of American life is being ripped apart by globalization and mass immigration.

Armies of foreign workers are not beneficial for America – in fact they are having the opposite effect.

Most of America’s wealth + power is being moved to Asia via mass immigration. These people are here for remittances, to get trained, and to move our industries home.

We need to fire all the non-perfomers and send them packing now.


Most Americans who have been around for a while know life is nothing like it used to be…

So how is it that we now have more people, but fewer businesses to employ them?

A nations wealth is derived from having a product to sell. That wealth needs to circulate in towns and cities to compound the wealth effect and create jobs and businesses. When wealth is not created or it is siphoned off to other places, the wealth effect can not happen, and in many cases goes into reverse. A community needs a certain amount of service related jobs to function but it also needs some type of production jobs to bring in money from the outside. This can be mining , agriculture or manufacturing type jobs, but they must exist to insure a healthy economy

The corporate cronies and government laggards control most of the money flowing through communities now and they want to keep it that way. Any attempt to rebuild local businesses is met with luke warm results. Any business that might make a difference is either killed outright or regulated into oblivion before it can get off the ground”.

Immigrants are not performing as promised, it’s that simple. They’re not creating jobs. And gov’t hates + is jealous of skilled American workers. We are under attack.

If foreign workers want to come to the US and “contribute to the US economy”, then how about we ban all remittances of their pay to foreign countries and see how much they still want to work here.

Foreign workers and industrial theft are the two biggest problems destroying America today.

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