Norm Matloff of UC Davis chimes in on Stephen Moore’s review of H-1B

Norm Matloff, PhD., a computer science professor at UC Davis has chimed in along with Ron Hira (see previous post) on an L.A. Times Writer’s review of H-1B.

Dr. Matloff also cited the now infamous H-1B secret weapon” video of outrageous defamer Michio Kaku who once claimed “US universities were built by immigrants“.

Matloff points out that H-1B is a temporary guest worker program, not a mass immigration system (as India believes).

What started in 1990 as a very limited foreign worker visa program has now turned into an open borders free-for-all for invasion and takeover of the west.

Dr. Matloff is rightly outraged about the entire, thing, as most Americans should be.

LA Times writer Mike Hiltzik is taking Moore to task for “parading his ignorance” on H-1B, a program Hiltzik calls “a cynical sham.”

Sadly, though, Hiltzik too has his facts wrong. His statement,

…visa holders can work in the U.S. for three years, with the goal of obtaining permanent residency and, ultimately, citizenship.

is way, way off base, not even on the ball field. H-1B is a temporary work visa, good for three years and renewable for another three. It is separate from the employer-sponsored green card program. It is common for a sponsor of an H-1B to also sponsor the worker for a green card, but they are separate programs, and sponsorship for one does not imply sponsorship for the other. And, note that even if there is an application for a green card, this comes from the employer, not the worker”.

Indeed H-1B was always originally intended to be a temporary, limited program to fill small gaps, if they existed, in skilled labor in the US. Sadly, today it has turned into an open borders free-for-all takeover.

India has stolen and commandeered the H-1B visa from the US gov’t, now controls it, and is using it for mass immigration and replacement of Americans by the millions in the US workplace. Replacement of Americans who built Silicon Valley.

This has to stop.

Not “augmenting the US workforce” – total takeover.

Wage-fixing is a Federal crime, Eric.

Not only does Kaku make the outrageous claim that “Foreigners built US universities”, but he attributes most US scientific progress to the H-1B visa.

Too bad for Kaku that the exact opposite is the truth. How can an intellectual fraud like this be allowed to practice science?

In fact, most of America, including most science, and Silicon Valley, were built by Americans.

Just look at all those foreign H-1B workers.

Early Apple in the 1980’s. Mostly Americans.

How do you explain this Mr. Kaku?

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