Ron Hira exposes H-1B – a ‘cynical sham’

Ron Hira shared a link to the group: H-1B & IT Outsourcing.

“Pulitzer Prize winning LA Times Columnist Mike Hiltzik writes about Stephen Moore’s false claims on the H-1B program. Hiltzik writes: “it’s a bit of a mystery why Moore chose this moment to parade his ignorance about a key immigration program before the public.”

“As I’ve written, the truth is that the H-1B program is a cynical sham“. “Trump’s promise that he would crack down on the H-1B program and redirect America’s immigration efforts toward highly skilled foreigners. But Trump hasn’t fulfilled that promise. The H-1B program continues to be an outsourcer’s dream“.

“Of all America’s immigrant visa programs, arguably the most successful for the U.S. economy has been the H-1B program”. – Fed nominee Stephen Moore

Unless of course you consider $22 trillion in debt due to remittances and industrial theft, and a real unemployment rate of 21% as “successful”.

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