India Inc “global staffing companies” are stealing Americans’ resumes, and charging for them

As a footnote to Dr. Norm Matloff’s article “Correcting the Corrector“, one commenter noted that India Inc staffing companies steal Americans’ resumes, strip off the contact info, then charge clients for the contact info.

This is criminal fraud, not to mention theft, and illegal.

As the commentor noted, “Americans are naive”.

“A local tech company tells me Indian “recruiters” submit resumes to them with candidate contact information removed, trying to solicit payment for contact info. Their doing so, is without knowledge of the person who is owner of that resume. And, it does terminate any/all interest in that candidate.

A friend who is a hiring manager, told her neighbor who’d approached her, tell your son to send his resume in through the regular channels and I’ll take a look at it along with the rest. When only H1B resumes came to her she questioned her HR, who said she’d posted at the 3 usual local universities, and these resumes were what she got. We called the 3 universities, none had received job listings for her company. Smells of corrupt HR, “for a fee, I’ll pass on your resume” marketeering. This same friend, who came as an H1B, said long ago of scams, “Americans are naive.”

Are you listening DHS + DOJ?

Shut down the Indian Mafia India Incs now.

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